17 Ocak 2006 Salı

akadály az úton

We are practitioners of bhakti, devoting ourselves to the revealing of unconditional love that lies in our heart. This bhakti is so delicate, in any moment it may recoil back or again come out in sunshine, just like a snail. To keep it alive and happy, we need to give affection.

Give affection, by giving you will receive affection and that love will keep on the real unconditional love growing. Knowledge and philosophy do help, but can not feed your heart to grow and understand the wisdom behind bhakti.

Why do I write these now? Because I see many on the path of bhakti have missed to give and receive affection. To most this seems like "a block on the way." But if only we try to be more courageous, we'll see that it works just the opposite :-)

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