16 Aralık 2005 Cuma

Gauri Gaura Krisna

This morning I became very touched to see
"Visszatérés, a reinkarnáció tudománya" standing right next to Sri Govardhan-Lal. I'm praying so we will be able to offer many many beautiful books. Here is Gauri Gaura Krisna, They are very happy with all Sankirtan and singing. Nisanta-lila mataji had desired to have a darshan of Them, so here They are, sending all dear devotees LOVE and SAKTI :-)

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The Gilded Leaf dedi ki...

I wish my faith, in anything, was as strong as yours.

Nisanta-lila dd dedi ki...

koszonom Adiradika, nagyon szepek
szolgad, Nisanta-lila dd

Adi Radhika Dasi dedi ki...

dear gilded leaf, knowledge is instrument to pure faith. If you are desiring, you can easily have much more stronger faith then me with more knowledge through pure devotee guidance and realisation. My faith is like a cloud, swmimming in the sky, my strength is only due to my spiritual master's mercy.

Adi Radhika Dasi dedi ki...

oh great to read from you Nisanta!! :) wishing you well